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  • Discover the art of travel

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Dunes of Huacachina, Peru

Expedition Leadership

Whether you are already leading expeditions or would like to in the future this workshop covers the different aspects of expedition leadership and effective communication with teams as well as tips on how to find expedition work.

Open to MTA, AMI and BAIML members, as well as non-members

Tuesday 26th April, Bristol

Trekking, Nepal

Next Expedition

I will be leading Jagged Globe‘s Mongolia Climber expedition in wild and remote western Mongolia. There are a few places left so if you’d like to join me and the team departing in July 2016

expedition planning

Expedition Planning and Funding workshop

Do you have an expedition idea but don’t know how to get started with planning? Did you know that there are many grants and funding sources available for expeditions? Get all the information and top tips in this workshop.

Sunday 21st February, Fort William

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It was mountaineering which first took me to remote parts of the world. There I had to overcome both logistical and physical challenges. The rewards could be unexpected; insights into places of the world I had never heard of before, local hospitality and the breathtaking stillness of the mountains on a perfect day.






WEEKLY PHOTO: Mount Ararat from Armenia

To a visitor the view of Mount Ararat from Armenia, which dominates the horizon of capital Yerevan, adds to the grandeur of the city, for some it is associated with the belief that…


WEEKLY PHOTO: Girl and pup, Tajikistan

Travelling through Tajikistan to Afghanistan this summer whilst leading an expedition for Secret Compass, our journey was halted on the second day when landslides destroyed the road. There was no alternative…